Barbara Bonner

Barbara Bonner has over fifteen years of mediation experience with various organizations, such as Colorado Circle for Change, Resolution Works, Jefferson County Mediation Services Program, and The Conflict Center / Denver District Attorney Restorative Justice program. Her hope is to see Restorative Justice divert our youth from being part of the school-to-prison pipeline. By focusing on repairing the harm instead of punitive consequences, we allow for the healing to start for everyone impacted to move forward. In Jefferson County Small Claims Night Court she facilitated agreements between parties as an alternative to a court judgment. With Resolution Works and Colorado Circle for Change programs for youth with tickets, she facilitates Restorative Justice as an alternative for a conviction. In Work Place Conflict mediation, she leads staff in building trust among themselves to support an inclusive working environment.

John Perez

John has been working with the CCFC for the last 5 years. He understands and believes in the mission at CCFC which emphasizes La Cultura Cura (The Culture Cure) and supports youth in marginalized communities dealing with generational trauma. In John’s many years of serving youth, his social awareness has changed to a more culture-centered approach filtered through his own lived experiences which requires the reclaiming of cultural identity. John is a Denver Chicano native and his sacred ancestry allows him to support not only his community but other communities to reclaim a sense of lost cultural identity. John has over 24 years of experience working with youth in various systems which include the Department of Youth Corrections, Probation, Diversion, and residential treatment programs.

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